Maritime management and risk support to underwriters, service companies and third-party consultancy.


Munich Re Syndicate Atlantic, Caribbean & Gulf of Mexico storm season 2021.


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Watkins Marine Services is a risk management consultancy with a proven record of providing a professional and independent service to discerning clients. We also provide technical risk management support to underwriters, service companies and third parties, and have now developed into a marine management division of the Munich Re Group Company, Roanoke International Brokers Ltd.

We are market leaders. Our confidential client list is wide-ranging and includes government security and maritime ministries, oil majors, flag states, FTSE 100 companies, Lloyds’ underwriters, commercial vessel and superyacht managers, and private individuals.

We are experienced. Previous projects undertaken by our principal staff include oil spill contingency planning for the RFA and Royal Navy; offshore operations consultancy in Brazil, Asia and Siberia; and a wide range of independent auditing, training, and formal safety assessment.

We’re at the forefront of our industry. As Lloyds’ underwriters’ risk appetites change, so does our ability to respond. We retain a number of specialists who work in all marine areas, including offshore energy and large construction projects in developing regions. Following recent changes in maritime security requirements, we have added piracy response to our portfolio. The company has unique credentials in this area and has conducted a wide range of piracy-related projects.

Watkins Marine Services works closely with a number of specialist industry partners. For more information about these companies, please go to our industry partners page.

Munich Re Syndicate 2021 Atlantic, Caribbean & Gulf of Mexico storm season.