Strong wind shear dominates the reporting region now, sea temperatures have cooled and the last swirls of tropical air gradients have succumbed to frontal activity and disappeared into the muck and filth of a traditional, foul North Atlantic winter. There are still one or two flurries of rising air and outbreaks of unusually warm waters across the basin, but conditions aloft will not allow vertical development as things stand. I have probably dragged this out a day or two longer than necessary, but that’s the price of caution for a scruffy old sailor. I’m satisfied now that the 2021 season has breathed its last.

To drag out yesterday’s 1966 World Cup Final ‘They think it’s all over…..’ reference for just one more day, we can say with glee and certainty ‘… is now’. Even the Blind Sniper seems to have given up hope of one more wildly inaccurate prediction and packed up for the winter, dragging his sledge across a frozen lake, laden with a winter stash of nuts, berries and moonshine towards a remote, lonely hut where a nice comfortable bed of dry straw awaits.

This was my fourteenth year of daily reporting and for the fourteenth time I’ll say I probably won’t do this again. And no doubt, for the fourteenth time, nobody will take the blindest bit of notice.

In the meantime, thanks to the many addressees who have sent feedback and comment throughout the season, particularly the Canadian Guy Fan Club. Always much appreciated. I think I have replied to all and will continue to do so.

I’ll post the annual summary and Butcher’s Bill in the coming weeks.

That’s me then. Finished With Engines 2021.

Stand down.

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